Who we are

We are a global consultancy intensely focused on leadership development and cultural transformation.

Our work includes:

  Helping business leaders execute strategy and address their most pressing challenges by releasing the creativity of their people. 
  Acting as a catalyst to bring about positive changes in mindset, attitude, and behavior, to help leaders and teams establish practices to sustain focus, stay healthy, and produce results. 
  Working at all levels of the organization – with programs for individual leaders, high-performing teams, and enterprise-wide transformation.
  Bringing together an international team of consultants, facilitators, and executive coaches with expertise in business management, leadership development, cultural transformation, and closely related fields such as neuroscience, personal development, collective intelligence, and social responsibility. 

Walk: A member of Oxford Leadership

WALK is proud to be associated with Oxford Leadership, one of the world’s most influential leadership consultancies. WALK and Oxford Leadership serve the leadership development and transformation needs of major global corporations, governments, and international agencies.

We offer Oxford Leadership’s state-of-the-art methodologies and know-how in leadership development, complementing them with our own solutions and consulting services. Our breadth, diversity, and affiliation with Oxford Leadership help ensure that we serve you better, drawing on a wealth of global resources to co-create unique solutions for you.

Our approach

Here are the main qualities we like to be known by:

We are motivated by a clear sense of purpose

We live our purpose every day – by helping our clients grow great businesses that are purpose-driven and values-based. We help you – as an individual leader – discover the power of purpose to focus yourself, inspire your team, and live a life full of impact and joy.

We cultivate quality relationships

We build and sustain strong relationships based on authenticity, spirit of service, trust, integrity, and flexibility.

We commit to personal growth

Both ours and yours. We work continuously to improve ourselves – and are passionate about providing our clients with opportunities to learn and develop. We want all of us to be our “best self” more of the time.

We produce tangible results

We help our clients address what matters most to them. Whatever the issue – innovation, digitalization, operations, reorganization, team alignment, employee engagement, talent development, or many more – at the end of the day it is about achieving business success and developing people… sustainably.