Case Study

Aligning People to Company’s Values to Help a Global BPO Grow Sustainably


  • Multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services across the globe who grew from 0 to 10,000 consultants in 15 years.

  • Need to transform the culture of the organization to leverage their scale while keeping the intrapreneurial spirit that helped succeed.

  • High commitment to company’s values while growing company’s revenues at 20% every year. 


  • Design of a leadership program inspired by the company’s purpose and values of 2 modules based on the Self Managing Leadership ® and the Leading High Performing Teams ® with intermediate sessions in between targeted to partners and directors.

  • Design and facilitate 3 day alignment sessions with the Latam and European board to ensure their commitment to the program and consistency in their behaviors.

  • Roll out the program to all the targeted population in America, Europe and Spain.

  • Expand the work to managers particularly to the ones who were promoted to a new position.


  • Successful roll out of the company’s values which became a tangible part of the culture.

  • Evolution of participant’s growth mindset but getting awareness of personal limitations and addressing them with their action plan.

  • Development of capabilities to support consultants focus on client’s relationships based on empathy and frequency and quality of the conversation.

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