Case Study

Definition and Implementation of a New Leadership Style for a Multinational Infrastructure Group


  • Leading infrastructure and municipal services operator.

  • The company had just begun a strategic geographic expansion, due to severity of the crisis in its home market.

  • This expansion could not be conducted without changing the leadership style, from a hierarchical approach to a collaborative one, to ensure coordination and alignment between local operations and company headquarters.

  • The resulting business growth and diversification demanded talent to be developed fast and effectively with the ability and the willingness to work internationally.


  • Definition of Corporate University global and regional objectives and key processes (e.g. financing, communication, participants’ engagement…).

  • Design of the company’s leadership development offer, including ad-hoc programs to meet leadership development needs from multiple perspectives (self-leadership, managing others, leading high-performing teams and on-boarding).

  • Execution of the whole leadership offer for all leadership levels (directors -including the board-, pre-directors, managers. Newcomers to the organization and in several geographies (headquarters, USA, Latam).


  • Creation and consolidation of a new corporate leadership style and language, at all levels and geographies.

  • Improvement of individual and collective performance.

  • Increase in cohesion between the different geographies and business units, despite the ambitious expansion process.

  • Over 800 executives and managers have attended our programs during 7 years.

  • Strategic partner of the Corporate University, as a key player in the cultural transformation and leadership development process.

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