Case Study

Implementation of Agile and Dual Organization for Global Multi-Energy Company


  • Global oil, gas, and electricity company.

  • Presence in Europe, America, and Asia.

  • Focus on the area of Technology and Innovation (T&I) – 300 FTE.

  • T&I mandate to ensure future technological innovation of the company.

  • Need to build closer, faster, and more agile relationship with the business.


  • Engagement and alignment process: 1. Executive Team (Top 8); 2. First line (top 30); 3. Rest of the organization (300).

  • Implementation of Agile / Network organization and New Ways of Working: 1st wave: Top 30; 2nd wave: 30 volunteers + Top 30; 3rd wave +120 volunteers with involvement of rest of organization.

  • Systemic approach including simultaneous individual and team support with continuous CEO feedback.

  • Multi-disciplinary support team: agile coaches, senior facilitators, business consultants and organizational psychologists.

  • Project duration: 12 months.


  • Changed mindset and behaviours supporting the required cultural transformation.

  • Implemented the new style of personal leadership and new ways of working required to operate in the new environment across all of the organization.

  • Alignment of strategic objectives and a new operating model.

  • Design and implementation of a dual organization: network + hierarchy.

  • Agile methodology training to the 300 FTEs.

  • Daily operational implementation of the new agile methodology and high-performing team dynamics for the 300 FTEs.

  • Training support through individual coaching sessions and group facilitation.

  • Shadowing to individuals and teams to implement work dynamics on a daily basis.

  • Real time measurement of degree of implementation of new methods and work dynamics through an app.