Case Study

Leadership Development and Team Alignment for Global E-payment Service Provider


  • Global leader in e-payment transactional services.

  • Client is CEO of Iberia and Latin America and desires to explore all of the potential of his executive team to evolve into a high-performing team.

  • Client gets promoted to Global Chief Sales Officer and, after consolidating his new executive team, wants to align all of the team members under a common purpose.


  • For the executive team of Iberia and Latin America:
    – Leadership Program focused on the individual and the team allowed to create a strong sense of protagonism and mobilized people to change in a year-long process
    – Individual and team mentoring support to ExCo members

  • For the executive team of Global Sales, applied a team alignment methodology to create a sense of purpose and set the basis for a high-performing team.


  • Mobilization and commitment at both individual and team levels.

  • Construction of solid team bonds to face the business challenges.

  • Alignment of team members under a common purpose and values.

  • Reinforcement of trust among team members.

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