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WALK’s perspective for sustainable performance

WALK’s Perspective 

Great leadership starts with the right mindset


Leadership is the core of cultural transformation

To transform a business effectively, strategy and culture have to evolve hand by hand. Culture will define the depth of the transformation and the speed of its execution. Top management leadership plays a critical role in a cultural transformation through creating the context for change, leading by example, and consciously modeling the behaviors and attitudes that the employees are being asked to develop, with conviction, energy, and commitment. 


Leadership comes from within and is personal

There is no such thing as a typical leader. Self-awareness and self-confidence are key enablers to find your own leadership formula, feeling confident enough to leverage your unique personality and strengths to act with focus, determination, and clarity of purpose.


Leadership is about context and choices

The quality of the choices you make will ultimately determine where you will end up as an individual and as an organization. The main predictor of good choices is the ability to understand a situation thoroughly and from different perspectives so as to be sure you are addressing the right challenge and taking into account all the relevant variables.


A deep connection to a purpose helps leaders perform at their best

Individuals that are connected to a deeper sense of purpose give meaning to what they do every day, bring their whole person to work, are willing to walk the extra mile, become more resilient, deal best with collective and individual sacrifice, and inspire others with their passion and consistency.


It’s about relationships, and the conversation is the relationship

The ability to influence others depends on the quality of the relationship you have with them. Authentic conversations based on full presence and clear intention build trustful relationships which increase mutual understanding and collaboration.


Sustainable behavioral change requires a mindset shift

A mindset shift such as evolving from knower to learner,  from scarcity to abundance or from individual to group interest brings awareness and provides a new perspective that encourages the individual to change behaviors and habits in a sustainable way.


Leaders must have a protagonist mindset to create a meaningful impact

No matter how difficult a situation is, leaders need to address it as an opportunity to reach their goals rather than complaining or criticizing. When dealing with a difficult challenge leaders need to answer: How can I respond considering the impact I want to make? What can I create from this particular situation?


Leading in today’s world requires a digital mindset

Companies need to become digital to best compete in a permanently changing environment. Leaders play a crucial role in this transformation by inspiring the organization to focus on the customer, empowering teams to make decisions, understanding mistakes as a source of learning, focusing on delivering value regardless of the hierarchy, and transforming the organization while delivering business results.

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