Ana Rocha


Ana is a Consultant of WALK. She has more than 20 years of experience, including a large trajectory of individual and group leadership development.

Ana applies her knowledge of Positive Psychology to develop leadership and management capabilities of corporate executives.

Ana has appreciative inquiry and “World Café” training and an extensive experience in applying these methodologies to improve the performance of people and teams through the use of collective intelligence.
In addition, her experience in Psychology allows Ana to understand people’s attitudes, behaviours, and strategies to develop them.

Ana holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Lisbon and also, she has An Executive Master in Applied Positive Psychology, an area she has applied during her time in the area of organizations and training.

Also, Ana has an innovation and creativity course in ISPA. During her free time, she volunteers at ACA (Conversa Amiga Association) and Refood. In addition, she has worked in several areas of community support with different audiences. For example, to contribute to the reintegration of unemployed women to the working life as a part of the team of Family Health Unit

Ana works in English and Portuguese.