Beatriz Macarrón

Manager EMEA

Beatriz Macarrón is a manager at WALK. She is an expert in Strategic Design and is strongly oriented to solving complex problems involving people. 

She is passionate about promoting individual and collective transformation processes, in which the strategic view is connected with people’s expectations and concerns. To do so, she uses the Design process as a lever for change, putting into practice skills, techniques and tools of the discipline. 

Beatriz has specialized in Experience Design, both customer and employee, connecting people with companies based on purpose and the generation of mutual bonds and commitments. She has extensive experience in diverse environments such as Third Sector organizations, Strategic Design consulting and large corporations such as Telefónica. 

Beatriz has studied Law at the Complutense University and has completed her training in different fields, from intercultural mediation to gender intervention, including an MBA in Service Design and Innovation. 

She combines her work with being both speaker and professor in Facilitation and Employee Experience in institutions such as IE, ISDI or EAE. 

Beatriz works in Spanish and English.