Javier Pladevall Fernando


Javier Pladevall Fernando is a Consultant of WALK. He has 30 years of experience as a manager of multinational companies within the food and automotive sectors in the United States, India, Portugal and Spain.

Before WALK, Javier occupied the position of CEO of Volkswagen Group Retail Spain for 9 years, from which he led the integration process of all the Concessions of the different brands of the Group. Within the Group, he also worked as Commercial Director of Volkswagen Spain.

Javier held the position of Regional Director in General Motors and the Commercial Director in General of Confectionery Portugal, belonging to the Gallina Blanca Group. In this same group, for 4 years, he led, from the beginning, the project of creation and start-up of the company and the General Confectionery factory in India.
He also worked as a Business Analyst in the New Venture Development area of ​​Chrysler Corp. in the United States, participating in field projects in Ecuador, Chile and Venezuela.

Javier holds a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Business Administration from ESADE. He has been trained in international marketing at Boston College and in negotiation strategies at Harvard Law School.

Javier works in English, Spanish and Catalan.