Leonor Colaço


Leonor is a Consultant of WALK in EMEA. She is passionate about developing people to their full potential and helping organizations face their change and development challenges. Before joining WALK she worked for Metro Cash & Carry group where for 20 years she developed her career from Finance to Sales and Operations in Portugal and other countries from Central and East Europe. She has been an active part of several multi-cultural teams and contributed as an International Trainer and Facilitator in the Metro House of Training. From 2015 to 2017 she was an Executive Board member of Heineken Group in Portugal. She also worked for KPMG in auditing and consulting.

Leonor has over 35 years of professional experience within organizations as a leader, executive board member, change driver, executive coach, and senior consultant. Her present areas of focus are people development, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching and enabling culture change. Her approach is systematic and her focus is on long-term sustainable impact. As a facilitator, she excels in building trust, openness, and depth.

Leonor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and an MBA degree from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa. In addition, Leonor holds certificates in Cross-Cultural awareness, Leadership & Team Building, Fundamental Principles of Breakthrough Performance, Crisis Management, Structured Problem Solving and Project Management, and is currently undergoing the final steps of ACC Certification from ICF.

Leonor works in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English. She has a good understanding of Italian and Hungarian.