Sergio Sanz

Program Support

Sergio Sanz is a Program Support of WALK. He has been in charge of managing a wide range of programmes with some of our biggest clients. He is very efficient, with a strong attention to detail, and is always looking for ways to improve the participant’s experience and programme’s impact.

He is a strong believer in the responsibility of individuals to lead their lives and to be agents for positive change in their environment and in the society as a whole. He is co-founder of Creas, a project dedicated to promote social entrepreneurship through investment in business projects that solve real problems of today’s society; he is member of the board of directors, Project Analyst and Responsible for the area of entrepreneurship. He has also directed the training program for enterpreneurs within the Think Big Project, an initiative developed by Fundacion Telefonica.

Sergio started his professional career in the sales field: at Raxon Informatica, as head of key accounts, and at Loxanet Directo, as sales Director.

He has an international certification in Generative Coaching by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan. He is also NLP Practicioner, endorsed by the Spanish Association of NLP (AEPNL) and is also certified in Organizational Coaching, by AECOP.

Sergio works in Spanish.