Shalini Srivastava


Shalini Srivastava is Consultant of WALK in APAC. She is a business transformation consultant, and leadership coach to top management of multinational companies, entrepreneurs and funded start-ups. Shalini’s expertise combines business growth and strategy, consulting, and coaching with strategic vision and high emotional quotient for corporates and individuals.

She has built on her expertise in business and leadership spanning 26 years in corporates in Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Human Resource Development and Business Transformation in various roles in Retail, FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry, India.

Before becoming a consultant, Shalini worked at Metro Cash and Carry, India where she transformed the leadership culture on the SML modality which significantly improved the trust index, employee engagement and high performing team index. Shalini contributed in the HR function to grow the organization from 8 to 27 stores in India and built a pipeline of authentic leaders.

Shalini has deep awareness of human psychology and understands alignment and misalignment between intentions and leadership behaviors in her coaching. Shalini brings in multidimensional view in business and leadership in her coaching to bring about change.

Her Learning Programs, Trainings, Seminars and Workshops for corporates has been greatly appreciated as a mentor and a coach with very clear insights on life, success and performance drivers.

Shalini works in English and Hindi.