Case Study

Performance Accelerator for Global Provider of CRM and BPO Services


  • Largest CRM and BPO provider in Latin America and among the top 5 providers globally, based on revenues.

  • Recent entrance of private equity owners and aggressive business goals in terms of both revenue and EBITDA growth triggered need to identify sources of growth and efficiency.

  • CEO wants to conduct an unconstrained reflection with his management team to identify untapped opportunities.


  • Extensive preparation with CEO and his executive team of 12 members to assess the situation and identify the key 3 business questions to be responded by the management team to drive growth and efficiencies.

  • 3-day Performance acceleration exercise was conducted to respond the 3 critical questions and agree on a roadmap to aggresively grow revenues and profits.


  • A roadmap for performance acceleration was defined and agreed by the executive team and it became the main management tool to drive growth over a 3-year period.

  • Commitment and alignment was achieved around the roadmap’s milestones.

  • The team passed from being a collection of members in different geographies to a true high-performing, trust-based team.