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Agile Implementation Beyond Cosmetics: How do you implement it sustainably?

Yes, we know what has to be done. But how do we do it fluidly and efficiently without disrupting our operations or ruffling the feathers of our people?

This is the cry of many companies facing the exponential change in the way business is being conducted today. These organizations are forced not only to adapt but to anticipate change by rethinking the way they work.

Instantaneous gratification has become the norm for savvy customers. The proliferation of new, technologically-advanced companies is capturing shares of the market that had always been stable. Traditional firms, striving to keep up with their more dynamic colleagues, know what has to be done to get on the right track.

The big question is how to do it. This paper describes our experience implementing Agile and New Ways of Working in different industries and functional areas, always in service of the company’s imperative to accelerate business results. Our approach is uniquely focused on changing the mindset of employees, injecting them with genuine enthusiasm and awakening a sense of optimism and self-worth throughout the organization.

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