Case Study

Developing Trust and Empowerment in Global FMCG company


  • Multinational consumer goods corporation with operations in 200 countries and 300,000 employees across the world.

  • Leading presence in the food and beverage businesses.

  • European organization required an organic transition of authority and responsibility from upper management to employees.

  • Teams needed to handle tension and conflict in a healthy way and to develop accountability and collaboration within their people.


  • Initial input collection through individual interviews with key stakeholders to understand cultural characteristics and issues to be addressed. 

  • Design and delivery of a series workshops and training pills with middle management teams, sponsored by top management, to: 

    • Assess trust levels and identify levers to boost trust and psychological safety within teams
    • Develop a share understanding of what empowerment is (and what is not).
    • Define the starting point (at a personal and team level) and the role as leaders within this context.
    • Deepen on barriers and limiting beliefs and leveraging on the decision-making matrix and the empowerment framework to develop trust and enhance performance.
  • Follow-up sessions to monitor progress, reinforce the desired mindset and behaviors, and support the development of individual and team action plans.


  • Development of empowerment skills and mindset in middle management across the European organization. 

  • Step forward in terms of perception by individuals and teams that they are in control of their work. 

  • Identification of specific business needs and how to address them.

  • Motivated teams to drive performance in the organization embracing the company’s empowerment model and philosophy.