Case Study

Growth and Collaboration Mindset for Management (Top 150) of 450k Employee Service Company


  • Provider of Quality of Life Services, with over 80M customers, 450,000 employees, 20bn in revenues and presence in 80 countries.

  • Recent definition of a new business strategy, focused on becoming worldwide leaders, which required:
    – To create relevant and global offers putting the needs of consumers at the centre
    – To endure to an organizational structure defined by client segment
    – To embrace digital and innovation as a new operating system
    – To identify and make the best of new growth opportunities

  • A deep cultural transformation was required in order to implement the new matrix organization without losing speed in the execution of business priorities.


  • Co-creation with the Company´s Management Institute of a Program for Top-150 (including ExCo members), focused on:
    – Growth acceleration in a digital environment and how to leverage on existing info to ensure focus on the customer
– Acceleration of innovation to develop a high-impact global offering
– Promotion of key behaviors for the success of the new organization: collaboration, conflict resolution skills and team alignment
– Embracing the new organization and accelerate personal change in order to make it work

    – Engagement of lower parts of the organization in the change process

  • The program, was deployed in different locations in North America, Asia, and Europe and it was facilitated by a global team with members from USA, Mexico, India, UK, Portugal, Germany and Chile)


  • Improvement in engagement.

  • Acceleration of the transformation.

  • Launch of selected strategic initiatives identified and defined along the program with significant impact on the organization.

  • Alignment of CEO and Global Executive Committee with the top managers of the company.