Case Study

Increasing Engagement and Productivity in the Factories of a Brazilian Food Company


  • One of Brazilian’s largest food processing company, with more than 90,000 employees and revenues for +10 billion euros. 

  • The company was struggled with their business results due to the financial and political crisis in Brazil and the lack of engagement of their employees.

  • The factories most of them situated in remote places were suffering a very high employee turnover and lack of talent. 


  • Coaching to the president and owner Alignment session with the Owner and president and his leadership team to define the elements of the program and get their commitment for the execution.

  • Develop a leadership program focused on raising engagement, acquiring a player mindset and connect to a purpose that will motivates them in their day to day job.

  • Roll out the program in the most problematic factories.


  • Aligned and committed Leadership team in the most important elements of change. 

  • Increase on engagement and in productivity KPIs on the factories after 3 months. 

  • Owner and president committed to evolve the culture of the organization.