Case Study

Leadership Development to Achieve Digital Leadership for a Multinational Telco


  • Large multinational telecommunications company, one of the 10 largest operators in the world, with presence in +20 countries and +150,000 employees.

  • Intense growth mainly due to acquisitions resulted in a lack of a common culture and leadership style.

  • The company had recently defined the strategic objective of becoming digital transformation leaders. Achieving this objective required to implement a new and coherent culture, that puts the customer and the employees at the centre, starting from the leaders of the company.


  • Worked with the Global Head of HR and with the Chief Learning Officer to provide global, large-scale leadership development programs implemented in their corporate university and locally in all countries, focused on developing a new leadership style among the executives, aligning them with the new culture.

  • Worked with some OpCos to support their executive teams in defining and implementing their strategy, while ensuring the alignment and commitment of the management teams.

  • Used special tech platform to facilitate large-scale leadership meetings with a focus on understanding strategic priorities and leverage the collective intelligence to drive transformation.

  • Provided individual support to top executives in the effective implementation of the cultural transformation.

  • Support global CIO and his team in the implementation of the digital transformation by helping them define their mandate, align on top priorities and implementation milestones and agree role and code of behaviors. Provide individual coaching support to key members of the team.


  • Creation of a common language and way to lead across the organisation.

  • Understanding of the strategy and increase of individual and group alignment.

  • Development of directors and managers who were equipped to better deal with their leadership challenges.

  • +6,000 executives have taken part in our leadership development programs during 8 years.

  • Designed and conducted programs aimed at developing leadership skills at individual, team, and organizational levels.