Energy Sector Case Studies

Meaningful Business Transformation in the Energy Sector

Driving cultural change through leadership development and implementation of new ways of working

The energy sector is headed towards a challenging future, driven by the ongoing energy transition, the pressure to reduce carbon emissions, the threat of climate change, and the uncertainty about “the energy of the future”. As a result, the sector is faced with intense competition, exponential change, and technological disruption.

Global corporations in the businesses of oil, gas and renewables are making efforts to evolve in this context. They are making efforts to become more agile and flexible, in order to spearhead innovation, boost profitable growth, streamline costs, speed up execution, and diversify their core businesses. Over the last few years, we have been helping many of them to do this, as they reviewed their strategies, executed organizational and operational changes, and implemented new ways of working.

Our support was multidisciplinary. We aligned people with strategy, building personal motivation and conviction towards change. We implemented the new mindset, attitudes and behaviors needed to operate in this new context. And we ensured an acceleration of business results through rigorous project management, advice on problem solving, and a continuous feedback loop with the CEO.

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