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Powerful conversations: How effective feedback can transform professional development

Every year, in the first 3 or 4 months, it is time to have that difficult conversation in which those in leadership roles have to share with each of their employees their individual performance during the previous year.

It is a time to communicate whether or not there is any bonus associated with the results achieved, the corresponding salary review, which will set the level of compensation for the year ahead, and take the opportunity to jointly prepare an individual development plan for the future.

When leaders and employees are asked how they feel about having to prepare for these conversations, the response is not always positive. Most leaders face this event as an obligation, as something we must do or because Human Resources tells us to.

Few see it as an opportunity to have a good conversation and ensure the employee leaves more motivated and with clear ideas of what we expect from him/her in the future. Let alone considering these conversations as one of the essential attributes of the leader’s role, to nurture and ensure the company’s future talent.

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