Case Study

Strategic Alignment and Implementation of New Operating Model for Multinational Infrastructure Group


  • Multinational construction and infrastructure group.

  • Client has developed a new strategic plan focused on international growth, and diversification to enter higher value-added businesses.

  • Large enterprise transformation process launched by the Board.

  • A new organization and operating model have been designed for the largest BU to achieve the strategic objectives.

  • 3-year transformation process.

  • Client counts on support from large management consulting firm to define the strategy and the “What” of the transformation (strategy, processes, operating model…).


  • Implementation of the transformation at Group level in partnership with the President and Executive Committee (ExCo):
    – Strategic alignment of the ExCo
    – Definition of Mission, Vision, and Values
    – Involvement of top 120 through yearly conventions to generate engagement and commitment
    – Individual and team mentoring support to ExCo members

  • Implementation of a new organization and operating model in the Construction BU: Supported the implementation of new ways of working and decision making processes needed to put in place the newly defined organizational structure and operating model, both at HQ and at country levels in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

  • Strategic alignment for the “Services” and “Industrial” Business Units (top 50 and top 25 respectively).

  • Leadership development of the top management to better equip them to cope with demands of the transformation, through a tailor-made Leadership Development Program.

  • Worked in cooperation with management consulting firm to support our client in addressing the “What” and the “How” elements in a seamless and synchronised way.


  • Alignment of key stakeholders around a new mission, vision and values, defined by ExCo.

  • Reinforcement of ExCo members and key stakeholders’ leadership.

  • Improved agility of decision making.

  • Active involvement and engagement of the organization in the transformation process.

  • Effective implementation of new organization, operating model and ways of working in the Construction BU.

  • Improved motivation, engagement and alignment with the focus on the top 120.