Case Study

Strategic Alignment and Organizational Engagement at Scale for a Global Conformity Assessment Company


  • Global conformity assessment, training and information services company with +800 employees and presence in Europe, Latin America and JVs in Asia.

  • Transition of the company from an NGO to a merchant one with clear profit targets per year.

  • New CEO to lead the transition – redefined the organizational structure and changed half of the BoD.

  • Big cultural transformation to get aligned with the new strategic plan, become more customer centric and evolve the management style to a more agile and collaborative one.

  • The company designed a strategic alignment and organizational engagement process at scale to involve all the employees in the new adventure.


  • Designed and facilitated an 18 month strategic alignment and organizational engagement process involving all 800 employees through a series of workshops. The scope included an initial diagnostic of the level of engagement.

  • Initial alignment started with the new BoD, reaching the rest of the organization through different waves. Interventions had a duration of two days, ensuring a balance in terms of the content between WHAT (e.g., new strategic plan, key goals, main initiatives…) and the HOW (e.g., new ways of working, leadership requirements, behaviors…). Members of the BoD had a key role in the workshops involving the rest of the organization.

  • The organizational engagement process was supported by specific actions aimed at strengthening the transformation (e.g., coaching program to selected directors, ad-hoc workshops for BoD…).


  • Very strong improvement of the level of engagement of employees.
    Evolution of mindset and behaviors of senior leaders who had to learn new ways of collaborating and managing their teams.

  • Strong alignment behind the new strategy.

  • Development of core capabilities that are crucial to help teams excel in core leadership behaviors.