Tom Hurley


Tom Hurley is a Consultant of WALK and Oxford Leadership in the Americas and EMEA. He has a passion for enabling transformation in leaders, teams, and organisations and is a thought leader on collaborative leadership. Tom has worked around the world with leading global corporations in numerous sectors, including telecommunications, professional services, FMCG, technology, chemicals, construction, and others. He has been pioneering new paradigms for business and personal development for over three decades.

Tom specialises in helping leaders build the individual and collective capacity for transformation in their teams, organisations, and cross-sector collaborations. He brings a unique blend of analytical, integrative, and intuitive capacities to this work. He is a master facilitator for ground-breaking projects involving complex issues, diverse stakeholders, and competing interests and an expert in the design and delivery of leadership development programs.

As CEO of the Chaordic Alliance, with VISA founder Dee Hock, Tom consulted widely on the design of purpose-centered, values-based organisations that can thrive in today’s complex, fast-paced world. Prior to that, he served as a long-time member of the Senior Leadership Team for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a global think tank focused on human potential. As a Board member for Margaret Wheatley’s Berkana Institute and the World Café Community Foundation, Tom worked with a wide range of leaders, change agents, and social entrepreneurs committed to co-creating positive futures.

Tom earned his M.S. in Futures Research from the University of Houston.

Tom works in English.